Széchenyi 2020 Széchenyi Terv Plusz


Main Course

If you prepare a dish with pork lard, onion and spice peppers, you can be sure that you eat Hungarian food delicacy. The modern age dining revolutions and „trendiness” haven’t brought down the resistance of Hungarian traditions.

Cheese salad with pumpkin seed dressing

A salad, once again, and only the pasta complicates it. Chop the ingredients, cook the pasta, and fill it into bell pepper halves for the sake of visual expreience. Success is guaranteed.


Pasta salad

This dish is tasty and colourful. The ingredients are a delight to the eye, its taste is a delight to the tastebuds. Serving in bell pepper baskets makes them really irresistible.


Cheese rolls with ham in green salad

It’s a real spring-time light dinner. For those who are on a diet but loves delicacies, this dish is ideal. Be careful, though. Our Szegzardina cheese delicacy is only for those with steady nerves and strong stomach.


Fino chicken breasts baked in foil

Chicken breasts bake fast. Add some smoked cheese and vegetables and the chicken breast will be irresistable and healthy. Serve anything as garnish and you have a full Sunday lunch.


Fortiana fondue

Fondu is great for those who like delicacies. Fondue is not only ideal for choclate melting but also for melting cheese as well. Add some flavourings and you can create some true delicacies. It’s great for dipping bread cubes or fruit.


Piquant summer zucchini with cheese filled with ratatuille

You don’t really desire heavy, greasy dishes in summer, still, you’ve got to present something on the dining table you can easily prepare from ingredients available in Hungary. We know from the cartoon that ratatuille is actually not other than a kind of


Cheese- and mushroom-roasted pork tenderloins together with vegetables

Ha le szeretnénk nyűgözni főző és sütőtudományunkkal barátainkat, ismerőseinket, ezt az ételt kell, hogy válasszuk. Kicsit persze csalunk, mert nem nehéz elkészíteni, viszont ha szabadjára engedjük a fantáziánkat a tálalása terén, az étkezés végére bizton


Pot pork tenderloin with truffle cheese au gratin

Pork tenderloin is similar to beef tenderloin. It is also the most expensive and the fatless part of the animal, just like beef tenderloin. Don’t worry about pine nuts, you can surely buy them in a bio shop if you can’t find them elsewhere.


Buttered young vegetables baked with cheese and potatoes in foil

It may even serve as an accompanying dish for a summertime grill party. Suitable, but not exclusively, for vegetarians for it’s lack of meat. Though, you need a kitchen for the preparations (you may have to do it beforehand) but the potatoes can be baked


Pancake with mushroom and cheese in sesame seed coating

You can’t go wrong with pancake. A lot of you are fans of this easy-to-prepare dainty that can be prepared like a million different ways. This is a salty example of this popular dish, though you can prepare some pancakes with jam or with curd and raisin f