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Grill dishes

Grill dishes are becoming more and more popular in Hungary, so we present some grill alternatives as well…

Grilled Vinoforo cheese bites on a bed of salad with bacon and nuts

This is obviously a dish for summer. Our nutrition-filled cheese may not be appreciated only in winter but they can be prepared in summer in whatever way you need. During this time of the year the salad are fresh and you may even pick them in your garden.


Grill cheese on spring salad bed

Roasted grill cheese wrapped in bacon is a real delicacy, served with salad is healthy, even.


Grilled cheese bites with honey-fruits

Is this dish with cheese and fruit going to be sweet or salty? We’ll tell you: both aat the same time. However, they complement each other nicely; smoked cheese dipped in stew in great together.


Summertime grilled cheese bites

Food pulled on a skewer and held over the embers have a kind of magic to them. This experience gives you the nomadic feeling of crackling fire. If you don’t have skewers you can prepare these cheese bites on a roasting board as well.


Grill cheese fried in a skillet with caramel fruit

The subdued taste of the grill cheese nicely lets the sweet fruit dominate. I’s easy and quick to prepare, also it’s filling because of the cheese.