Széchenyi 2020 Széchenyi Terv Plusz



Even the ones with sweet tooth can find their thing …

Piquant cheese puffs

Though it’s not easy to prepare, you don’t need to brace yourselves. Our Szegzardina cheese is aromatic and goes well with the taste of the cheese puffs. Serve them in small bowls decorated with some mint leaves and they will blow the guests away.


Fresh cheescake on strawberry mirror glaze

No one can resist strawberry. Strawberry jam can be combined with chocolate but if you choose to prepare this recipe for the woman or man you wish to seduce, the success is guaranteed. It’s appetising, sweet and healthy, even.


Fresh cheese pudding with forest fruits

Everybody is familiar with pudding and sponge-finger. These two basic goodies are irresistible when mixed with alcohol. After lunch, or accompanying the dinner, though it’s not for those on a diet…


Quick Tiramisu

As you can see on its name, its quick and easy, recommended for the less experienced housewives, (too). You only have to mix some ingredients and you get addicted to another delicious goody…


Cheese-rice-cake with chocoalte- and rum-dressing

It’s a bit more laboursome, more serious recipe but it’s worth the effort. Our home-made chocolate dressing and the fancy rice cake will surely make you lick your 10 fingers. You should bake two, just in case one wouldn’t be enough…


Red currant éclair

It’s an easy summertime goody. If you don’t know what to do with the lots of red currants you got from your granny, and you also happen to have some empty éclairs in your larder, than this is the recipe for you.


Roasted peach filled with processed cheese with maple syrup

This easy-to-prepare goody is compulsory for peach-lovers. Though, maple syrup is American, it’s available in Hungarian shops as well. It’s a heavenly combination with processed cheese and toasted hazelnut.