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When encouraging the appetite the eye matters a lot. Seeing a delicately presented appetizer can start the digestive system easier. Even during renessaince feasts people tried to fascinate the guests by exceptional serving…

Sandwich and sandwich cream with herbs

Everybody has already prepared hot sandwich in their lives. It may even go well as main dish. Its variation with Hungarian spices is very tasty as well. If we even serve a bit of wine to accompany that, the exquisite dining experience is complete.


Szekszárd cheese delicacy with nuts, served on apple crouton

Your very first question when looking at this recipe may be what apple crouton is. We can tell you that it has to be fried just like the celeriac needed for this recipe. If we managed to mix you, the reader, then read the details…


Grill cheese baked in puff pastry

Its preparation isn’t complicated, it is very tasty, healthy and last but not least it is very appetising rolled in puff pastry.


Smoked cheese salad

This recipe requires the most Fino-produced cheese thus making this recipe one of our recipes with the richest flavours. Still, it is very easy to prepare…


Truffle cheese cream-soup with garlic baguette

Many like to eat soup as appetizer. This rich and tasty cream soup doesn’t only match the quality of its packet soup versions but it even beats them. It’s natural and easy to prepare.


Cream cheese with garlic and pepper

It’s an easy-to-preapre quick recipe with which we can welcome guests if they show up unexpectedly after a long day of work. Just cut, mix, spread and we can bite right away. Be sure to prepare some beverages, too.


Piquant hot sandwich

Consume cautiously, it may cause addiction. It’s healthy and delicious any time, except for breakfast, because of the red onion. If you can’t resisit, be sure to chew a gum afterwards before being amongst people.


Dip with herbs

We may even recall our beloved childhood while eating this delicacy, when we loved rolling and dipping, and more dipping so much. Preparing this is as easy as quick its consumption is afterwards.


Crunchy cheese coated in almond served with cheese dip

Preparing the cheese dip may seem frightening at first for the inexperienced but no need to worry. A few easy tricks, quality ingredients and the almond will do the trick, the final result being salty and delicious.