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A modern wastewater treatment system operates in our dairy plant with which we clean the wastewater of the production before it leaves for the city’s drainage system. We don’t let the whey, being the by-product of the production, down to the drainage. Instead, we deliver the whey to the bioenergy plant of Kaposvár’s sugar plant where they can make use of it. We also collect the packaging and boxes of used commodities in large quantities selectively.

100% Somogy

We produce our 100% Somogy-based products from commodities originating from Somogy county and with the help of local workforce.

It is important for us to take part in the life of the community, therefore we support numerous local events and initiatives.

Besides quality products, we also believe that movement is an essential part of healthy lifestyle. The company regularly supports the events of Somogy County's Sport Federation, the Sports Gala and the event series of Move, Balaton! We became the name sponsor of the adult men’s volleyball team of Kaposvár who finish in first place from year to year, thanks to the milk of Somogy county and, of course, their hard work.

Our suppliers

More than half of the commodities come from our own dairy farms in Somogy county. We obtain the missing quantity from the South-Transdanubian region by prioritizing the nearby dairy farmers, therefore supporting the livelihood of numerous families.

Our employees

The satisfaction of our employees is of great importance for us, thus we regularly support and organize courses and trainings where our employees can widen their knowledge. From time to time, we arrange measurements of satisfaction via questionnaires, tests of competence and also arrange analyses of job descriptions, thus we provide a possibility for feedbacks from our employees.  We also introduced a system to encourage employees to share their ideas during which we reward them for their useful thoughts that would increase efficiency.

In order to develop a stronger bond between the employees of our dairy plant for the sake of assembled and smooth work, we regularly organize team building trainings, family days and trips we attend together.

For the satisfaction of our customers

Internal and external control systems ensure that our customers put safe food on their tables. We introduced the food production’s highest level of quality management system in our plant: IFS (International Food Standard). External control is certified by trademarks. We got trademarks for excellent quality from the Association of Premium Hungaricum and the Organization of the Interest of Carpathian Basin Specialties.