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Magyar és Finom cottage cheese

We present a really delicious and easy-to-make cottage cheese dumpling recipe, for which, of course,Magyar és Finom cottage cheese is the best choice!

75 dkg Magyar és Finom cottage cheese
14 dkg semolina
10 dkg crumbs
3-4 dkg butter
2 dl Magyar és Finom sour cream

Preparation: Click on the link:

OR read the preparation steps here:

Since the cottage cheese has a creamier texture, is easy to process, you don't have to bother grinding it or crushing it with a fork. Simply add 14 dkg of semolina, add light salt and add approx. rest for an hour. Then we form small dumplings from it with our hands dipped in water, then we put them in lightly salted, plenty of boiling water. On a moderate heat, cook the dumplings until they come to the surface of the water (this is about 8-10 minutes). Meanwhile, fry the bread crumbs until golden fat in a little fat, add the butter and add a little salt. The cooked dumplings are removed from the water with a filter spoon, drained well and rotated into the buttered toasted crumbs. We serve it sprinkled with sour cream, but of course, if you like it, you can also sprinkle it with powdered sugar. Have a good appetite! :)