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Our Farms

There are over 5000 cattle on our farms, out of which approximately 2700 are dairy cows. Cows are sensitive animals thus we provide calm, animal-friendly environment and comfortable resting boxes for them so that they give the highest quality milk.

Fino Technology

High quality is guaranteed not only by the centuries-old family traditions but also by the advanced level of technology ensured by machine systems and constant innovation.

About Milk Consumption

The centuries-old tradition of milk consumption has accompanied the development of mankind ever since the beginning of agriculture until nowadays. Milk is fundamental for our diet and the nutrients it contains are essential for the healthy functioning of the body.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Besides producing high-quality products we consider taking responsibility for our environment as our mission. We contribute to the protection of our environment, support Somogy region wherever we can, and we also guarantee the satisfaction of our suppliers, employees and customers.



Gasztrotéka welcomes everyone at a unique location – be it a smaller assembly or even a larger event with hundreds of guests. We find the most appropriate solutions for all occasions.


Fino-Friss wholesale

In case of buying wholesale quantities please find our catalog on the following website: 


Fino in the word

You can find our products not only in Hungary but abroad as well. Specialities like truffle cheese and grill cheese have captivated other countries’ consumers, too.


About Protein

Protein is part of all processes going on in human cells; it is the basis of our diet. Its consumption helps the healthy functioning of muscles and bones.


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